Daft Punk sits down with Pete Tong; ‘This time we are doing it for real’Daft Punk Album Giorgio Moroder

Daft Punk sits down with Pete Tong; ‘This time we are doing it for real’

Perhaps the most enigmatic artists in electronic music Daft Punk have built their career on keeping themselves out of the public eye. Their press appearances are brief and sporadic – it’s been over 10 years since Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have spoken out on BBC Radio 1 – but at this year’s Coachella Arts and Music Festival the duo sat down with Pete Tong to open up about their new album, their lengthy hiatus and the process behind their reinvention.

“We were interested in taking the time to reinvent ourselves and see where we could go next,” Bangalter reflects, “we were really experimenting all these years in the studio.” Referring to Random Access Memories as their first official studio album, the duo discuss their creative process citing a deep desire to recreate the magic of old house music and its timeless appeal.

“In some sense we emerged from that [Chicago house] tradition of working in a home studio and ‘pretending’ to do a record. It really felt that this album was the same music that we’ve always done – you’re right to say it’s maybe the record we’ve always wanted to do because it felt like we are doing the same thing but this time we are doing it for real.”

Listen to the full 17-minute interview after the break.