Download the Dada Life remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” via BitTorrent Bundle

Normally associated with the stigma of pirated software, Kaskade has teamed up with BitTorrent to offer a “bundle” that allows fans to legally download their favorite artist’s music for the small price of an e-mail address or donation. The current music distribution methods currently in place have been proven to be obsolete in recent years and Kaskade and BitTorrent are seeking to re-invent the proverbial wheel. By signing up and downloading Dada Life’s remix of Kaskade’s “Dynasty” and a short video from the Freaks of Nature tour, users opt-in to a mailing list that allows Ultra Music and any affiliated artists to send promotional materials – a small price to pay for a clean conscience.

Download The Kaskade Bundle via BitTorrent here.

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