Editorial: 7 productions I’m waiting for Afrojack to releaseAfrojack Studio Amsterdam

Editorial: 7 productions I’m waiting for Afrojack to release

Earlier this week, Afrojack released a preview of four forthcoming productions labeled “A Matter Of.” As an avid follower of the self-proclaimed “Afrojack music,” most notably the tracks often referred to as “the new shit,” I was more than pleased to hear some of his highly anticipated tunes in their mastered form. Jumping to the conclusion that these would be coming off his debut album this September, I was befuddled when Afrojack informed us that they were not cuts from the album, but “just an in between.”

It seems there is no predicting the releases to come from Afrojack and there is still no telling what the tone of his new album will be. That unpredictability aside, this doesn’t come as too great of a surprise — this is an artist that seems to have a new record to share every time he performs. Needless to say, there are plenty of Afrojack productions floating around — in live rips, IDs, and rumors — that I’m anticipating for him to release.

7. 2013’s Afroki: The follow up to “No Beef”

Before Afrojack and Steve Aoki took Las Vegas for their “No Beef” video, trademarking their partnership as “Afroki,” the duo released a track dubbed “Show Me Your Hands.” Initially the frenetic electro-house of 2010, that sound had evolved for its sequel, and it has continued to evolve for the third collaboration of the saga. Debuting the follow up to “No Beef” at Kingsday, Amsterdam, the record (potentially titled “Afroki”) is anthemic house — a long way from their 2010 outing.

6. Bangduck on Steroids: Signature introduction has taken on a life of its own

For years, Afrojack has opened his sets with “Bangduck” in its original form — an introduction I’ve seen over a dozen times that I thought would never get old. While it would still do the trick, Afrojack has transformed “Bangduck” into an introduction edit that involves orchestral builds and provocative samplings. Its evolution has resulted in a potential song of its own — one I’ve personally refer to as “Bangduck on Steroids.” Despite the fact that it would serve as the perfect opening track for his album, it seems doubtful that this introduction will officially hit the release circuit but would be a great free download for fans.

5. Afro-Wiz: Collaboration with one of hip-hop’s hottest stars

There’s not much to speculate beyond a tweet, but Afrojack has made it known that he has hit the studio with Wiz Khalifa. The rapper has experimented with electro-infused beats in the past, and his alluring flow would work wonders atop an Afrojack-crafted beat. Wiz has also tweeted about the collaboration, and it appears more likely that the song will land on his album rather than Nicks. The end result is currently left to the imagination, but I’d expect a radio single and hope for an Afrojack-experimental hip-hop production.

4. Bring room Nick: “Can’t Stop Me” meets “Sovereign Light Cafe”

When I heard Afrojack play this unidentified new track at Ultra Music Festival, I instantly thought of “Can’t Stop Me.” Without vocals, Nick’s upcoming big room banger follows in the footsteps of his melodic tunes past and offers what fans loved about “Sovereign Light Cafe.” The untitled record resembles the forthcoming Afroki collaboration, but this solo effort sounds so big that it’s hard to see this land anywhere but Nick’s new album.

3. Prutataaa part 2: The long-awaited sequel collaboration with R3hab

This collaboration is nothing new. In fact, it has circulated Afrojack’s sets for nearly two years already. The sequel to “Prutataaa,” Afrojack’s second collaboration with R3hab has blown minds since 2011, even outmatching its wildly energetic predecessor. Why this record has yet to be released is a question upon many minds, but we’re hoping that it’s being saved for September’s full length album. If Afrojack releases part two of “Prutataaa” with his new material, it would be an instant standout track — let’s hope that is the case.

2. A legendary collaboration: Afrojack meets Sting in the studio


A photo of Afrojack in the studio with Sting has recently surfaced, and it is no longer a secret that he has a song in the works with the 16-time Grammy winner. We can guess what an Afrojack-Wiz Khalifa record could sound like, but the possibilities of his upcoming Sting collaboration are endless. The legendary English musician hasn’t released an album since 2010, and has no iminent plans for his next one, so the odds are that this track is one to come from Afrojack’s debut album.

1. Maximal Jack: Afrojack doing what he does best

Of all the IDs that Afrojack has had to offer in 2013, this one stood out the second it hit my ears. As the build began, he referred to the track as “that 2013 shit,” and when the drop ensued my first thought was that we were currently listening to what will be the biggest track from his album. This is Afrojack at his best; the type of energy that would make anyone lose control. Rumored as “Maximal Jack,” Afrojack offered a mastered snippet on his SoundCloud, but shot down the notion that it is off his album. If this unreleased track is what Afrojack refers to as “just an in between,” the sky is the limit for the official material to come.