Feed Me plans to hang up the decks, ‘I’ve got a pressing feeling that it’s not what I’m supposed to be doing’

The British graphic designer and production genius behind Spor and Feed Me, Jon Gooch, has decided to – for lack of a better word – “quit” DJing after this summer festival season. Always an artist first and DJ second, Jon has developed numerous creative projects surrounding his Feed Me persona – including an animatronic version of the green goblin he designed.

As for so many producers in today’s dance music world, the act of DJing has simply become a means for performing his work and Jon believes that the experience is “not art.” He took to Twitter late last night to express his concerns and his hesitation to continue down the DJ path, worrying that it may force his creativity to take a backseat if he continues to pursue it further.

Read Jon’s tweets after the break.