Giorgio Moroder – Racer (Original Mix) [Free Download]Giorgio Moroder Racer Google Chrome

Giorgio Moroder – Racer (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Now that Daft Punk have introduced him to a new generation of electronic music fans, Giorgio Moroder has decided to stay awhile. The legendary Italian producer today unveiled the first track he produced in partnership with Google’s Racer mobile experiment, immediately validating the faith that everyone’s favorite French robots showed in essentially dedicating a Random Access Memories track to him.

“Racer” conveys an immediate sense of movement by layering an instant classic analog synth line over a stomping throwback bass, navigating through a distant vocoded interlude to an infectiously melodic main progression. Perhaps most compelling is Moroder’s ability to immediately achieve a timeless feel on a track that could have no less than four different generations bobbing their heads to its energetic beat. This exemplary track sounds like the kind of well-seasoned but viscerally validating driving music that Kavinsky might make in a few decades’ time, which is no wonder as the undead Frenchman is a known Moroder adherent. Buy the ticket, take the ride with a free download courtesy of Google.

Free Download: Google Play

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