Maor Levi – Lift Me (Original Mix) [Preview]Lift Me

Maor Levi – Lift Me (Original Mix) [Preview]

Off the back of his recent collaboration with American peer Pierce Fulton, Maor Levi‘s “Lift Me” drops in a bid to extend the attention now circling his heavy-footed output. As tough and full-bodied as it is unquestionably poised towards Levi’s distinct studio merits, the label’s reputation for main room sensibility remains well preserved in his hands. As a surefire sign that cutting edge talent is truly coming from every corner of the earth, “Lift Me” looks to be another assertation of Levi’s unpretentious reign over the craft of finely tuned electro offerings. Look for the full release on May 21st on Tristan Garner’s Xtralife.


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