Moonrise Festival fails to acquire permit, is subsequently canceledMoonrise

Moonrise Festival fails to acquire permit, is subsequently canceled

Moonrise Festival, scheduled to be held on June 8th and 9th in Baltimore, Maryland, has just been canceled by Steez Promo. According to a statement made on the festival’s Facebook page the final permit needed to authorize the event could not be obtained, forcing the festival to cancel its bass-heavy weekend. Not all hope is lost however, there may still be some secondary shows at smaller venues throughout the weekend featuring Moonrise artists.

All tickets will be refunded through Ticketfly. Read the statement after the break.

It is with a heavy heart that we regret to announce the cancellation of this year’s Moonrise Festival. Although we have put everything we had into this event trying to make it happen we have hit a roadblock that we just cannot overcome as the final permit needed will not be approved.

We are devastated by what has happened but with just under 3 weeks out from this event we cannot move forward without this final permit. We want to both thank and apologize to the fans, the artists, all members of the media, and everyone else who have supported this event. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We have battled to keep this event alive and we are absolutely crushed by this turn of events.

Refunds can be received from directly from the Ticketfly webpage or through the outlet that you purchased your ticket from.

We are working on some alternative events in the area that will feature artists who were scheduled to perform on the festival. Please stand by for further information on these events as information confirms.