Pasquale Rotella on Live Nation deal; ‘I’d only do a deal if it benefited the headliners’

On May 2nd, The Wall Street Journal reported that Live Nation and Insomniac were in the process of finalizing a $50 million deal that would make the ticket vendor a 50% owner in Rotella’s iconic brand. The outspoken CEO, who is best known for his candidness and dedication to Insomniac fans, took to Twitter to alleviate some of the worry Insomniac’s ‘”headliners” expressed when the news broke Thursday. Acknowledging that he has spoken to interested parties but no deal has been signed, Rotella reassured fans on the social media site; “I’d only do a deal if it benefited the headliners. That’s just how it is…” the CEO tweeted, “If partnering with someone made Insomniac better I would do it. That’s the only way.”

Read the tweets from Rotella after the break.

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