Paul Williams says Daft Punk collaboration will ‘elevate people to a new intensity of emotion’

With Random Access Memories on the horizon, the eighth installment of Daft Punk‘s Collaborator series reveals details on one track in particular. Featured on the latest installment is Paul Williams, the Academy-Award winning composer responsible for songs with the likes of Barbara Streisand. Paul’s latest project is with “the robots” (as we’ve come to know them over the past month), on a record titled “Touch.” The famed musician refers to his work with Daft Punk as honest, vulnerable, and a gift for himself.

23 years sober after battling alcoholism, Williams recognizes that everyday is a gift, and hopes that emotion leaks through his collaboration as an “eloquent chain of surprise.”  A Parallel to his own life, he describes “Touch” as a “9-minute journey” that will “elevate people to a new intensity of emotion.”

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