Savoy – Three Against Nature EP [Free Download]Savoy Three Against Nature EP

Savoy – Three Against Nature EP [Free Download]

Brooklyn-based trio Savoy are well-known heralds of the fusion between electronic and rock. While their live shows boast a drummer-rigged Ableton setup, their sensibility for live instrumentation is more than evident in their releases as well. Savoy’s newest EP, Three Against Nature, brings four new tracks of varying intensity to light, all of which express this candid enthusiasm for rock-based EDM. As always, Savoy’s productions are brimming with a sharp electro edge — tracks like “Say Yes” and “You & I” are particularly voltaic for instance. On the other hand, much of the EP boasts conspicuous French influence, from rampant vocoder use on “Make Me Feel Good” to a Justice-like vigor on “I Wouldn’t Mind.” You can download Savoy’s entire EP for free from Facebook.

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