Sharam Jey & Night Talk – Your Heart EP [Preview]THISIS029 p

Sharam Jey & Night Talk – Your Heart EP [Preview]

Amid all this talk of the great disco revival, Sharam Jey has been patiently plotting away at what he does best: that glorious middle ground between those groovy sounds and modern house music. Blessing the ranks of Sander Klienenberg’s This Is imprint alongside familiar Swiss peer Night Talk, the Bunny Tiger frontrunner drops two-tracks in the theme of twisting familiar sounds away from their comfort zones. Where “Your Heart” leads with the beats and bass with simple melodic elements, “I Wish” is where the boundaries are really broken, uniting progressive melodies, heavyset beats and deepish hallmarks for an impressive aural feat in the name of underground club music. Doing the historically consistent label a world of just from the first play, Jey remains on point for the pre-summer play-off. Expect this one on June 3rd.


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