Trent Cantrelle – Nice & Close EPNice Close

Trent Cantrelle – Nice & Close EP

Off the back of a high-profile parting and an even more prominent leap of solo stamina, Steve Angello turns his head to ventures new with a his X imprint’s debut release from American club asset Trent Cantrelle. For the most part, this double-barreled debut plays like the Angello we grew to know and love well before the European peak time overhaul. Between “Nice & Close” and “Understand,” Cantrelle provokes fluid melodic club fuel with surefire underground appeal, providing a breathtaking journey towards a nostalgic yet wholeheartedly relevant movement in modern dance music. There are no cheap tricks or weathered electro hallmarks, just versatile house music that opens the door to a sense of quality and belonging that has too long been lacking within the modern market. 

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