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Ultra Music Festival speaks to fans, explains the cause of rising ticket prices

After early bird tickets sold out in record time and the advance tickets disappeared in a snap, hopeful Ultra Music Festival attendees were stuck with a ticket price that, for some, was too high to justify at $399.00 plus tax and fees. The public outrage resonated with the iconic music festival and Ultra has made an official statement today explaining the need for the price hike – promising that Ultra 2014 will be even bigger, and even better than its 15th anniversary. Ultra also plans to instate a “Fan Experience Committee” comprising of team members, artists and fans to ensure attendees are involved in Ultra 2014’s formation.

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In the first week of being on sale, ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2014 is on pace to sell out faster than ever before.

While many have taken advantage of the opportunity to purchase tickets while they are still available, we understand that our 3rd tier ticket price may be out of reach for some of our fans.

After not raising ticket prices the previous two years, and to ensure the premium quality and evolution of Ultra’s ground breaking stage productions & artist line ups, while continuing to meet the ever increasing financial demands of city related expenses associated with producing this massive festival in the heart of an urban metropolis, this price increase was unfortunately necessary.

The current cost of a General Admission ticket to Ultra Music Festival 2014 breaks down to $133 per day over the three day weekend ($166 including tax and service fees). We refuse to cut corners and provide our fans with anything less than the absolute best experience possible. The line up currently being assembled, and the level of production being planned for March 2014, will exceed expectations and continue delivering unparalleled value to our fans.

For everyone attending ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL XVI in Miami, expect to see improvements across a variety of areas to ensure that each attendee receives the premium experience that they have come to expect when they walk through our gates. There will be many exciting new developments announced as the festival approaches so be sure to stay connected.

To ensure that our attendees always have a voice, and after analyzing our recent fan survey, we are establishing a “Fan Experience Committee” comprised of Ultra team members, artists, and fans. We will be reserving spots on this committee for applicants from the general public so that our attendees have a say in how Ultra Music Festival happens. Applications will be announced when they are available.

For our fans that will not be able to experience Ultra Music Festival in person, we invite you to watch the ULTRA LIVE festival global live stream (in HD) for FREE.

In addition, for those fans in Europe on a strict budget, we invite you to join us at ULTRA EUROPE July 12/13/14 on the coast of Croatia in Split and the Island of Hvar. This is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Tickets for this festival are currently priced at €75 for two days (approx. $96 USD). Tickets are still available onwww.UltraEurope.com

We thank all of our loyal fans for their continued support. We look forward to sharing the Ultra Music Festival 2014 experience with you either in person or online.

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