83 reasons to be excited that EDC Las Vegas is tomorrowEDC Rukes

83 reasons to be excited that EDC Las Vegas is tomorrow

Electric Daisy Carnival fever has finally struck Las Vegas in earnest. In case you needed an additional reason to be excited for one of the premier electronic dance music events of the summer, we’ve got you covered… 83 times.

    1. That moment when you walk into the Speedway for the first time
    2. Getting just enough service to text your friends and tell them how much fun you’re having
    3. Richie Hawtin on Kinetic Field
    4. Hoping for a wind storm so you can bang on trash cans to make your own music
    5. Flying monkey swings
    6. The Bass Pod at sunrise
    7. Fireworks.
    8. Figuring out exactly how Insomniac spent $35 million this year
    9. Free water, and nice people giving it to you
    10. Toxic bunnies
    11. Nigel
    12. Outfits more outlandish than you’ll see anywhere else
    13. Insomniac opening up service roads so traffic isn’t as bad
    14. Finding a way to drink champagne
    15. Being outside all night
    16. Telling your friends to meet you by the fire thing before realizing that that’s everyone and their mom’s meeting spot.
    17. Being outside all night and not getting cold
    18. Running around a Speedway usually reserved for race cars
    19. Feeling like you’re in an EDC trailer
    20. Trying to get into an after movie every time you see a camera
    21. Not finding your friends, getting lost, and running into someone you never expected to see
    22. Making new friends
    23. Avoiding glovers, or not
    24. Watching nervous underage kids getting their IDs checked in line
    25. Seeing the first hint of sunrise on the first day
    26. Carl Cox & Friends
    27. Being thankful EDC is no longer in LA
    28. And that it’s staying in Vegas.
    29. Realizing how good Vegas is at the service industry
    30. Never feeling crowded like you do at other festivals
    31. Seeing exactly what all that scaffolding in set up pictures is for.
    32. Dance-walking to other stages (like it’s some kind of catwalk)
    33. Random DJs you’ll discover at the Wide Awake Art Car.
    34. The realization at the end of the first night that there are two more nights to go.
    35. Trying to find that old hippie on an ice cream truck who blasts Queen
    36. Dancing in the bamboo forest right by Cosmic Meadow
    37. Going on the giant drop at 4am
    38. Walking through the maze of lights over by Circuit Grounds
    39. Finding as many people as possible wearing daisies
    40. Not caring what you look like
    41. Dancing so hard you sweat
    42. Moombahton
    43. Screaming so loud you lose your voice
    44. Techno
    45. Having enough space to build a designated dancing radius that looks like a nest if you’re in the dirt
    46. House
    47. Secretly hoping someone plays “Levels” for laughs
    48. Secretly hoping no one plays “Clarity”
    49. Hearing music you’ve never heard before
    50. Hearing music that gives you chills
    51. Hearing music you didn’t think you’d like
    52. Deep house
    53. Tech house
    54. Big room
    55. Hardstyle
    56. Guessing which random pseudo celebrity will appear on Kinetic Field stage (Maybe Aziz again? Or Flava Flav?
    57. Watching kids from LA shuffle
    58. Trying to shuffle but failing miserably
    59. That first time you sit down in eight hours
    60. Finding grass to sit on
    61. Not waiting in lines for bathrooms
    62. Feeling like a part of something bigger
    63. Turning around to take a picture as you leave the Speedway every morning
    64. Drum and bass
    65. Finding your ride home really easily
    66. Knowing better than to think you can get a cab home
    67. Not worrying about anything for three days
    68. Dubstep
    69. Leaving on Monday morning completely exhausted, but feeling like you had the best weekend of your life
    70. Running into that guy from EDC last year…and the year before…and Ultra 2013
    71. Burning 3,500 calories per day
    72. Free hugs
    73. Planning out your set schedule to a tee
    74. Stretching circles
    75. Standing in front of the subs at the main stage
    76. Lasers, so many lasers
    77. Dancing on someone’s shoulders in a sea of 50,000 people
    78. Going to see dubstep with someone who has never seen it live
    79. Tanktops at 2am
    80. Being handed a full water bottle by a stranger
    81. American flag paraphernalia
    82. Getting married or renewing your vows
    83. Hoping your EDC marriage lasts longer than the average Las Vegas marriage

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