‘It’s A Matter Of…’: Afrojack releases festival-sized EP ahead of debut albumCuvm AsaMatterOfArtwork 11

‘It’s A Matter Of…’: Afrojack releases festival-sized EP ahead of debut album

With his debut album due for this coming September, Afrojack takes to the summer to leave us with an open ended statement. It’s A Matter Of…, Nick’s newest release, brings four productions to the table — a foursome that’s been heard across festival stages worldwide this year that have been presumed as album material. Turns out, the over-sized, Afrojack-music anthems won’t be making the cut, but will serve as a teaser to get fans through the summer.

“Yubaba” brings Nick’s festival introduction to life, putting those beloved chord stylings to work before plunging into a grinding bassline. The track fans are most acquainted with, “Rocker,” comes with some melodic relief but is lead by the darker edge of the EP, while “Griever” seems to be its sister record. The unanimous standout is “Ray Bomb,” the anthem of all anthems from the arsenal of Afrojack — and yes, you heard this one at Ultra Music Festival.

The EP’s title explains a lot, while explaining nearly anything at all. The open ended message leaves fans wondering if this ‘Afrojack Music’ sound is here to stay, or if Nick will escape to his land of Far Far Away on his upcoming album. For now, only the imagination can tell what It’s A Matter Of…

Afrojack – Ray Bomb (Original Mix)

Afrojack – Rocker (Original Mix)

Afrojack – Griever (Original Mix)

Afrojack – Yubaba (Original Mix)

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