Battle of the Beats: Deadmau5 vs. Wolfgang Gartner – BounceBattle Of The Beats No Week

Battle of the Beats: Deadmau5 vs. Wolfgang Gartner – Bounce

Battle of the Beats is a feature from Dancing Astronaut that pits two tracks that share the same title against one another to determine which production represents the name better. With the dance music community continually growing, producers, mashup artists and DJs alike constantly create new music, often of the same name.  Now we are opening it up to our readers to weigh in on whose rendition takes the proverbial cake.

Deadmau5 – Bounce

About as deep house as Mau5 gets, his 2006 track “Bounce” may have caught your ear when it was re-released in 2010. 2006 or 2010 edition and cred or no cred, giving the track a spin now makes it seem ages old. Essentially a repeated bar with a bit of inspired noodling, the track is the aural equivalent of the baby pool when compared to Joel’s deepened skills.


Wolfgang Gartner – Bounce

This slice of early 2011 Wolfgang Gartner also comes from an earlier place in the producer’s career, and though labeled electro house, the track certainly isn’t cookie cutter. With squeaky tones, a build that breaks into almost 8-bit and a WAV form that can’t make it’s mind up, the track is as varied as a Wolfgang set but condensed into 6 minutes.

So which of these animals caused you to get your bounce on?