Birdy Nam Nam – Written In The Sand (G.Vump Remix)Birdy Nam Nam Defiant Order Remies

Birdy Nam Nam – Written In The Sand (G.Vump Remix)

There’s the regular way to release a remix package, and then there’s the OWSLA way. The team over at the Nest has just released Birdy Nam Nam’s Defiant Order Remixes Project Vol. 1, where the French quartet’s own DJ Pone hand selected what made the cut. Featuring remixes of seven of the album’s 11 tracks, a G.Vump remix of “Written In The Sand” proved one of the most interesting.

G. Vump, or Gucci Vump, is Guillaume of The Shoes and Louis of Brodinski, and the pair took an already otherworldly track even further from Earth. The duo shot the original’s guided relaxation vocals into the stratosphere, leaving them wafting through a lofty melody anchored by a solid percussive line. According to DJ Pone the mix is “Gucci Vump at his best” and if cinematic chords are your thing you’ll have to agree. Click below the break for the EP’s full tracklist and head to The Nest to get in on their exclusive releases.

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1. Jaded Future (La Femme Remix)

2. Defiant Order (Breakbot Remix)

3. Parachute (Maelstrom Remix)

4. Written In The Sand (G.Vump Remix)

5. Cadillac Dreams (DJ Pone Remix)

6. The Plan (Bambounou Remix)

7. Black Bird Cloud (DVNO Remix)


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