Clinton VanSciver – Indie Anna Jones ft. Queen B (Original Mix)Clinton Vansciver Indie Anna Jones

Clinton VanSciver – Indie Anna Jones ft. Queen B (Original Mix)

The latest addition to the Dim Mak family, Clinton VanSciver, unleashes a wave of synthpop grit off his debut EP on Steve Aoki’s eclectic label. At 21 years old, VanSciver has been a blogosphere favorite since his remix of Armin Van Buuren’s “Waiting for the Night” and continues to make waves with vocally driven electro outputs. Maintaining his gritty synthesizer-driven trajectory, VanSciver’s latest EP and its title track “Indie Anna Jones” prime the fuse for an infectious electro explosion. One part dance pop and one part bouncy electro house, “Indie Anna Jones” embodies Clinton’s well-established sound and style, adding yet another genre Dim Mak has made its mark on.

Purchase the entire EP on Beatport.

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