Dada Land Vegas Consulate will begin tomorrow in Las VegasDada Life Consulate

Dada Land Vegas Consulate will begin tomorrow in Las Vegas

Along with the opening of Vegas’s third Electric Daisy Carnival tomorrow, Dada Life will be adding its own game for their fans. The rules of the game are simple: find a flag, gain entry to the Consulate for yourself and a guest. Locations of these flags will be posted starting tomorrow morning. Read the full instructions below and get your banana suits on!

“Today we announce the opening of the Dada Land Vegas Consulate! Want to gain access to the opening ceremony? Well, starting tomorrow morning there will be official Dada Land flags hidden all throughout Las Vegas. The locations will be posted on our Twitter & Instagram. Find a flag, gain entry for you and a guest.. simple.”

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Note you must be 21+ to enter the consulate.

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