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DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine

This week’s edition of Sunday Morning Medicine is all about those slower tempos. From deep house and deep disco, to downtempo and deep dubstep, this week features tracks from STWO, Malente & Teenage Mutants, LNTG, An-Ten-Nae, and ENiGMA Dubz.

If you missed any of DA‘s slower selections from the past week,  check out Poolside’s latest live creation “If We Make It,” Catz n Dogz and Martin Dawson’s collaborative project Different Marks, and Maya Jane Coles’ remix to “Fiction” by the XX. Click past the break to submerge in this week’s engrossing productions.

1. STWO’s original “YOU” is the definition of sensuous auditory seduction. Sanna Hartfield’s delicate vocals draw you in, while STWO layers a slow, rich, deep house foundation.

2. Malente and Teenage Mutants’ may be titled “You Blow My Mind,” but its powerful deep house bassline will undoubtedly do the same to yours.

3. Two Door Cinema Club’s second single off Beacon “Sun” has received no shortage of remixes. LNTG’s is one of the best, yielding a slow beat with some wonderful natural percussion and string work.

4. After hearing the magic he created with Daughter’s cover of “Get Lucky,” I couldn’t wait to hear An-Ten-Nae’s manipulation of Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful.” Thankfully, it’s just as slow and enveloping as his previous rework.

5. If you’re a fan of the deeper side of dubstep and haven’t heard of ENiGMA Dubz, your world is about to change. The UK producer has an ear for otherworldly bass, and his remix of “The Host of Seraphim” is as spiritual as its name implies.

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