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DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine

This week’s edition of Sunday Morning Medicine features some downright sexy jams. We move from Coki’s “Ruff Lovin,” to a rework of Ray Charles, to deep house with Disclosure and Catz n Dogz, to an amazing collaboration between Pig & Dan and Mark Reeve.

We start things of with some mellow dub from Coki. If prelapsarian Eden had a soundtrack, Coki’s “Ruff Lovin” would be reserved for Adam and Eve’s more intimate moments.

Free n Losh have a beautiful knack for reviving the past, whether it be Led Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder, or Ray Charles. Their deft, non-overbearing trap re-imaginings could easily compromise a whole edition of SMM.

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While their entire new album is spectacular, I simply can’t get over Disclosure’s “Help Me Lose My Mind.” Something about that 110bpm deep house beat with London Grammar’s voice on top… shivers.

Catz n Dogz’ remix of Soul Clap and Mel Blatt’s “Ecstasy” is a stimulating and arousing production. Illicit references aside, the track is some damn good deep house.

Finally, to fully instigate your morning revival, we up the tempo a bit for Pig & Dan and Mark Reeve’s techno work of art, “Violets.”

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