Dyro announces studio work with Nicky Romero and Shermanology, reveals plans for post-EDC rampageDyro

Dyro announces studio work with Nicky Romero and Shermanology, reveals plans for post-EDC rampage

Few European artists have landed more definitive career breakthroughs this year than Jordy Van Egmond, better known on the global club circuit as Dyro. Now midway through one of his most definitive years to date, the Revealed Recordings breakout unveils a firm run of studio material for the remainder of 2013.

The young Dutch producer hit it big for 2013 with landmark releases alongside Hardwell and Tiësto, but told Dancing Astronaut of impending collaborations with Nicky Romero, Shermanology, a further high-profile remix and a strong run of original releases penned to drop in the wake of his EDC Vegas debut.  He explained: “Aside from working towards that remix for one of my favorite artists of all time, I have been working on lots of originals. For the road past EDC Las Vegas, I will be showcasing a load of originals by then. Myself and Nicky (Romero) have also teamed up for a collaboration and once the festival season is out the way, Shermanology and I will be teaming up for an original track.”

With a subsequent debut offering for Romero’s Protocol Recordings said to be enroute to up-the-ante for his diverse studio output to date, Dyro admitted that his approach to-date has driven by a severe lack of quality control now facing the recording industry. “My perception is that it is getting too easy for people to make music and release it and to be honest, I blame the A&R managers,” he explained. “The music being released is because labels want stuff quick out the door to up the income, and the quality is lacking. It’s now up to the artist to crank up the quality and give these labels no choice but to release the best music.”

Catch Dancing Astronaut’s full-interview with the full Revealed Recordings roster later this week. 

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