Editors’ Selections: Week of June 24th, 2013Editors Selections 2

Editors’ Selections: Week of June 24th, 2013

Editors’ Selections is an opportunity for your favorite Dancing Astronaut contributors to talk about some of the music they’re listening to that we might not always get an opportunity to post about from week to week. Sometimes it’s out there, sometimes it’s obscure, but you’ll always get a peek into what we’re loving behind closed doors. 


Tom Odell – Another Love (Zwette Edit)

Tom Odell is quickly becoming the UK’s most in demand music export after single “Another Love” reeked havoc among charts across Europe. His sultry, highly prized vocal recently won the BRITs Critics Choice award launching him into straight into stardom. German producer Zwette adds a simple backbeat funk to the soft piano cords without compromising the emotional power of the original.


Blackstreet – No Diggity (Bondax Edit)

Dance music remixes of hip-hop and R&B tracks are a dime a dozen, but Bondax’s outputs are consistently gems among rhinestones in this arena. His recent bouncy take on the Blackstreet classic “No Diggity” doesn’t fall short of this expectation. If you’re a 90’s baby I dare you to try listening to this remix without cracking a smile.


Birdy Nam Nam – (The Golden Era) Of El Cobra Discoteca (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

While I’m both enthralled and slightly put off by the project that is Birdy Nam Nam’s Defiant Order Remixes, I do keep finding bright shiny gems amidst the overwhelming number of tracks, and the Ryan Hemsworth remix of “(The Golden Era) Of El Cobra Discoteca” is one of them. The indie/electronica/makeout music creator went from an intro that was searching for signal before landing on a decidedly chill frequency. Though rather grounded, the beat is solid, the cymbals rolling and the tempo toe-tapping. If you needed another reason to join The Nest, here it is.


Bonar Bradberry – 3two5 (Mario Basanov Remix)

Bonar Bradberry is one half of the more well-known duo PBR Streetgang, and this new release “3two5” is his first in over a year. Mario Basanov once again shows his versatility on his shimmering rendition of the original.

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