EDM meets MLB: W&W to play show at Philadelphia Phillies home game on July 5th

Dance music has only slightly penetrated professional sports since taking pop culture by storm, with electro-pop songs often making ESPN commercials or NBA halftime gigs. Next month, however, W&W will give Major League Baseball its first ever electronic dance music performance. On July 5th, ticket holders of the Philadelphia Phillies home game against the Atlanta Braves will have admission to a 90-minutes DJ set from W&W following the game at Citizens Bank Park’s Ashburn Alley. Michael Harris, Director of Marketing and Special Projects for the Phillies had the following to say on joining dance music with baseball:

“We know it’s a little unusual, but two of the most passionate fan bases out there are dance music and sports. So [we thought], let’s try to blend them together for a unique event. The macro point of this is to create something for our fans to do after the game is over. The ballpark really is a destination spot and a fun place to hang out.”

Via: Billboard

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