Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago marred by 500 noise complaintsEdc Chicago

Electric Daisy Carnival Chicago marred by 500 noise complaints

Last weekend Electric Daisy Carnival invaded the Chicago Speedway in Joliet for the first time in its history. The event was the first EDC to feature a full camping experience and was host to a collection of the most prominent names in dance music. As seems to be the case with any dance music event, the festival served as the target for countless complaints from residents in Joliet and neighboring towns. Over the course of the three day event over 500 noise complaints were levied against the festival, stirring dissent amongst long time residents who claimed to have heard the thumping bass well into the early morning.

According to Insomniac spokeswoman Jennifer Forkish the event immediately lowered the sound on all of its stages by 33 percent the moment the complaints were filed but despite their attempts to alleviate the problem it still remains to be seen whether EDC Chicago will return to the Speedway. Joliet City manager Thomas Thanas seems hopeful that the festival will be welcomed back for a following year – acknowledging that noise and curfew adjustments will undoubtedly be made.

Via: Sun Times, Mixmag

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