Feenixpawl and Jason Forté – Together (Marco V Remix)

Feenixpawl, the Australian duo behind “In My Mind,” deliver yet another stunningly infectious hit, this time with Aden Forté’s brother Jason in the studio for additional assistance. It seems the entire Forté family is a musical powerhouse as the trio have combined to create “Together” the latest release in Feenixpawl’s ever expanding stable of hits. Enlisting the help of the legendary Marco V for remix duties, a man who needs no introduction, the Aussies have set in motion what is destined to be a midsummer smash hit. Over 20 years since he got his start, Marco takes “Together” and transforms the Justice-esque choral line with a tidal wave of crisply produced Dutch bass lines and rapid-fire percussion.

Marco V’s remix will be available on July 8th on Beatport.

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