Freestylers release their fifth studio album ‘The Coming Storm’Freestylers The Coming Storm

Freestylers release their fifth studio album ‘The Coming Storm’

Freestylers return to original production duties on their fifth full length studio album The Coming Storm, placing themselves firmly back in the breakbeat limelight. After 15 years and four albums, the Freestylers unleash 13 brand new tracks featuring collaborations from Synikall, Stereo:Type Wizard, Sirreal, Laura Steel, Irwin Sparks and more. Two years in the making, Matt Cantor and Aston Harvey’s latest is a sonic assault on your neural passageways, developing into a uniquely eclectic output that touches on every shade of the bass music spectrum. ¬†High octane from start to finish The Coming Storm is a must listen for anyone looking for a bit more adrenaline in their dance music.