Guru Recordings Disciples EP [Preview]Guru Disciples Ep

Guru Recordings Disciples EP [Preview]

After seeing its first release rocket into the Beatport Top 10, Gregori Klosman’s Guru Recordings is set to unleash its debut compilation EP this month. Featuring five new originals from members of the label’s handpicked roster, the Disciples EP sets the standard for French electro. Expanding the boundaries of the genre, tracks from Teo Moss & Greg Hoffman, Damian William and Tony Romera & Burgundy’s borrow elements from rock, progressive and even hardstyle, while Sub Z3ro and Calvin Bride hold firmly onto their roots. Click below the break for the full tracklist, and head to Beatport June 24th to snap up the label’s first ever EP.

1. Sub Z3ro – Beatback (Original Mix)

2. Tony Romera & Burgundy’s – Monster (Original Mix)

3. Damiam William – What Da Hell (Original Mix)

4. Teo Moss & Gregg Hoffman – Fight Club (Original Mix)

5. Calvin Bride – Both Sides Of The Story (Original Mix)

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