Laidback Luke defends his production talents, responds to Twitter criticsLaidback Luke

Laidback Luke defends his production talents, responds to Twitter critics

Laidback Luke is known very well for his attention to fans on Twitter, and a recent, mind-boggling question has him responding in a guest blog for Huffington Post; “Did you forget how to produce or something?” Luke’s affirmative answer is no, but he defends himself to critics in length and attests that the negative backlash in unwarranted.

“Giving my experience in production, it’s very unlikely for me to have forgotten how to produce,” Luke responded to the mindless question before he reminded followers that he’s been producing for over twenty years and has completed over 3,000 tracks. While many brush off criticism that strikes as ignorant, the wholehearted DJ goes into depth to assure fans that he is on top of his game and not to be concerned.

Luke admits that he has struggled with the social media criticism that has come in his direction, being that he takes all feedback from fans into consideration. “I’m not taking this feedback lightheartedly. I care very much about my scene, our music, my followers and my progression,” he responds humbly. The thought of an artistic decline, however, is out of the question for the veteran dance star, and he breaks down his style over the years for fans asking for the Laidback Luke of old

“They told me I’m going downhill. That I should be making big tracks like my ‘old’ tracks again. To me, my old tracks could be the ones that I produced back in 1995, the techno, housy period of mine my wife loves so much. My Daft Punk style days at the end of the nineties. My electro pop time at around 2003. My big room sound of 2005 and up. My full on Dutch from 2007?”

“He’s lost it,” “He’s forgotten how to produce,” come two more mentions that Luke couldn’t forget. “Well I haven’t, I couldn’t! Actually, I could only become better as time passes, that’s how life works!,” he defends himself in light of growth and the bigger picture. Luke goes on to state that he sticks by his standards in the studio despite seemingly disgruntled fans, and that he won’t give in when they ask for his older sounds.

“I can’t get stuck in the past doing my same sound over and over. That seems very boring to me, it would limit, and kill me, artistically.”

After taking the time to set the record straight in over 140 characters, Luke leaves fans and critics alike with a witty remark to make it known that his skills remain in full effect, but that he will address any concerns regardless; “I’ll be switching on my Ableton now and double check if I can still remember how to work it.”

Via: Huffington Post

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