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A-Trak previews remix of Kavinsky’s ‘Odd Look’

Adherents to the “quality over quantity” mantra need only cite A-Trak‘s remix repetoire to win any argument. The Canadian turntablist extraordinaire does not deign to remix the work of others very often, but he’s got the Midas touch every time he tries his hand.

The latest example is also his greatest, and that says a lot when the architect of this legendary Kanye West remix is being discussed. One listen is all it takes to tell that his forthcoming reinterpretation of Kavinsky‘s “Odd Look” is worthy of superlative praise. Commencing with a moombahton-inspired march beneath a pitched and nearly percussive electro lead, the track navigates through trap hi-hats to build into a breathtaking breakdown, featuring warm analog swells accentuated by choral ambience above a plodding backbeat. Aside from showcasing his signature versatility, the production is a testament to A-Trak’s uncanny ability to sync elements from divergent genres in seamless fashion. Hats off to the man who rarely removes his for a stellar rework that will abuse many a replay button upon its release.

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