Mixhell releases ‘Spaces’ EP via Boysnoize RecordsMihell

Mixhell releases ‘Spaces’ EP via Boysnoize Records

Sepultura drummer Iggor Cavalera has recently reinvented himself as the rock-tronica outfit dubbed Mixhell, aiming to imbue electronic music with the fervor of the heavy metal Sepultura was known for. Using his talent for polyrhythms and inventive percussion, Iggor and his wife Laima have expanded the Mixhell sound with the help of an MPC, live drums, CDJs and a rock and roll mentality. The 11-track EP, “Spaces,” is an interesting experiment that fuses live rock elements with electronic sampling. Sonically it is far more rock and roll than actual electronica, but the resulting amalgamation of the two sounds is anything but ordinary. The 106th release on BNR sits well on the forward thinking imprint, fearlessly establishing a new type of electronic crossover while facing the ever-present challenge of defining electronic music as more than just a laptop and headphones experience.

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