Norman Doray previews ‘Filtre’ his debut release on LE7ELSUtkast Levels Cover 011 01

Norman Doray previews ‘Filtre’ his debut release on LE7ELS

The latest release on Avicii’s LE7ELS imprint comes from none other than Norman Doray, whose latest release alongside the NERVO twins “‘Something To Believe In” derived its appeal from ethereal vocals and soaring synthesis. Changing the pace for his debut LE7ELS release, “Filtre,” Norman takes a decidedly techy turn unleashing a steady stream of drum fills and billowing synthwork. Just as Hardwell did with “Three Triangles,” Norman shows off his vast breadth of musical knowledge, delivering a cascade of striated chordplay and showing the world that he’s got more up his sleeve than just big room, peak time progressions.

“Filtre” will be released on July 8th via LE7ELS.