Pryda – Layers (Original Mix)Pryda Layers

Pryda – Layers (Original Mix)

Every time Eric Prydz releases a track, it feels like a momentous occasion. From the stupendous progression of “Power Drive” to the deft, dark percussion of “Thunderstuck” and “Drums in the Deep,” Prydz has made serious waves with every release in 2013.

Dawning his revered Pryda moniker, “Layers” is the newest Prydz original to see the light of day. With its royal bassline and paralleling synth melody, “Layers” effortlessly glides along like a joyous caravan. The simple yet flawlessly crafted sound design evokes the grandeur for which the Pryda name is known.

As usual, any Pryda release will only leave fans harkening for more. I know I’m still waiting on the Prydz dub mix of “Let Me Feel.”

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