Pryda – Rotonda (Original Mix)Pryda Layers

Pryda – Rotonda (Original Mix)

Ask and ye shall receive: following the release of last week’s progressive house bomb “Layers,” countless Prydz fans were left harkening for a B-side to the polished Pryda single. Mere days later, Prydz responded with a preview of “Rotonda,” a track that has pervaded countless Pryda live sets and mixtapes.

While similar in structure to “Layers,” with its classic Pryza build up that leaves you hungering for the return of the kick, “Rotonda” takes on a more frantic and incendiary approach than its jubilant counterpart. It’s as though “Rotonda” embodies the race against the archetypal hourglass. The first drop and main build leave your blood pumping, as if your survival instincts have caught fire. By the time the second drop finally hits, it’s as though you’ve triumphed over time itself.

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