Riff Raff hints at collaboration with SkrillexRiff Raff Chains

Riff Raff hints at collaboration with Skrillex

In a recent interview with MTV Australia, Mad Decent rapper Riff Raff — who rose to fame (or infamy) thanks to MTV’s “From Gs to Gents” — discussed spending studio time with Skrillex and an upcoming collaboration featuring Sonny and Skylar Grey.  The corn-rowed Houston born rapper also mentioned an entire album with the dubstep kingpin – acting as if he slipped up during the interview when he revealed the info;

“Yeah? Me and Skrillex have an album coming out. I mean we have a song coming out. Oh sh*t. That’s what I do when I speak too soon. I can’t tell you more than that. MTV exclusive!”

Although we are slightly suspicious that Riff Raff’s statements about an entire Skrillex-produced album are factual, there may be an extremely funny and well-produced rap track on the horizon.

Via: MTV Australia

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