The mysterious Ten Walls releases ‘Gotham’ EP on Dixon & Âme’s InnervisionsGotham Ep Ten Walls

The mysterious Ten Walls releases ‘Gotham’ EP on Dixon & Âme’s Innervisions

Although the identity of Ten Walls is still unknown to many, his first contribution under said moniker for Dixon and Âme’s Innervisions is the Gotham EP, and it’s arresting. Hints of this producer’s work has been surfacing since late March and early April, and over the last few months the lead track from the EP “Gotham” has really taken to the international dance music scene (I, for one, felt as if it was played nonstop during Movement in Detroit). The thing I probably most appreciate about the work he’s done on Gotham is the degree to which he’s flexed an unapologetic diversity in sounds and styles. Of the three tracks on the EP, none of them sound even close to similar and although they’re all quite polished and mature, I’d never assume the same brain was behind them all.




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