Todd Terje – Strandbar (Samba, Disco & Bonus Versions)Strandbar Todd Terje

Todd Terje – Strandbar (Samba, Disco & Bonus Versions)

Strandbar marks the first 12″ in the Todd Terje artillery since the highly lauded It’s The Arps EP from early 2012 and although his three versions of the title track aren’t the next “Inspector Norse,” the versatility he shows should not be ignored. Rather than produce another supremely feel-good club hit, Terje’s just playing around with with Latin sounds. In his own press release he describes the sounds — “Strandbar” (meaning beach bar in Norweigan) is allegedly a pun on the description of “Inspector Norse” as “background music at a beach bar.” The samba cut is slinky piano house, and the disko cut is his interpretation of what would happen if he’d been “asked to program the music at the Virgin space shuttle.” The bonus version, as you’ll notice, is the most stripped down version of the three.

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