Tristan Garner – Molotov (Original Mix) [Preview]Moltov

Tristan Garner – Molotov (Original Mix) [Preview]

At a time when his nation has become pigeonhole with fuelling the flame of modern disco advocacy, Paris’s Tristan Garner has more than amply thickened the plot through his XtraLife imprint. Back to follow-up “MachineGun,” his latest solo installment looks to illuminate the peak time skyline with his rock-tinted tune. Building with subtle guitar riffs, “Molotov” rasps and resonates with the seemingly perfect formula for a festival anthem and the impactful resonance such European peers as the Prodigy once personified. Off the back of Filip Jenvens epic debut “Hey,” the XtraLife ringleader sets the tone for the summer ahead with unprecedented force, this heavy-footed highlight from outside the national comfort zone.

Release Date: July 1st


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