Veteran DJ Erick Morillo announces his hiatus from dance musicErickmorillo12

Veteran DJ Erick Morillo announces his hiatus from dance music

It’s accurate to call Erick Morillo a true veteran of the scene — he’s been around longer than many of us have been able to walk. He’s kept fans dancing for over two decades with numerous productions, unforgettable club nights, and releases from his imprint label, Subliminal Records. Despite the joy of delivering music to fans, the stresses of DJing can eventually take a toll on even the most passionate of artists. From the outset, a DJ’s career seems like nothing more than lavish all expenses paid trips around the world, but if you pull back the glittery curtain you realize, as with anything, it’s not entirely fun and games. For Mr. Morillo it seems that after twenty plus years, he’s reached his breaking point and has decided to take a hiatus from the music world. In a post shared on his Facebook, he explains:

There comes a time when the body just can’t keep up with the hectic schedule and sleepless nights. Having pushed my body to the limits for many years, the time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being. I plan on returning stronger then ever to my passion of playing music and seeing you dancing on my dance floor. Until then, I like to thank all my fans for your enduring love and support! Hope to see you soon.

While we’re sad to see him go for now, we wish him well and hope to see him back behind decks with reignited strength and passion.