Watch This: Destroid are changing the DJing game

In a time when standing on stage and mixing just doesn’t cut it anymore, Destroid are taking the live idea to another level. We reported earlier this year about Excision, Downlink, and KJ Sawka forming dubstep supergroup Destroid, and after their first show it seems dubstep might not be dead after all. Using MIDI guitars and a modified drum kit, Destroid proves that live music and dubstep can be one in the same. If you think this set is prerecorded, think again. They’ll also be playing at this year’s Camp Bisco.

“All drums parts & bass samples are played live, in Ableton samplers and drum tracks. We had to actually split our 75 minute set in to two separate projects as Ableton could not handle having an entire sets worth of individual samplers/drum racks for each bass sample/drum hit.”

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