Watch This: the Making of Pretty Lights’ New Album

Derek Vincent Smith’s new Pretty Lights album has been a long time in the making. So long, in fact, that fans (myself included) have become overbearingly curious as to what the glitch hop mastermind has been up to this whole time. Thankfully, VICE‘s new documentary on the making of A Color Map of the Sun has elucidated Derek’s rigorous process. Approaching his new album without the use of extraneous samples, Smith worked with countless musicians in New York and New Orleans to create and render his own vinyl. Watch VICE‘s new video for an extended insight into the inspiring process behind Pretty Lights’ new album.

Special note: early Monday morning on Renman Live, Derek announced that his upcoming album will be followed by both a remix album with harder, bassier VIPs, as well as a new Pretty Lights tour backed by a full band. Exciting times ahead for PLM fans.

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