99 reasons to be excited that Tomorrowland is tomorrowTomorrowland 2012

99 reasons to be excited that Tomorrowland is tomorrow

Nearly 365 days in the waiting and the dream world that is Tomorrowland is set to kick off its ninth annual festival in Belgium tomorrow afternoon. Dance music fans rejoice; ahead lies a weekend of memorable moments, mind blowing stages, over-the-top production, and looming surprises. Those who won’t be taking the voyage to Boom have the opportunity to bear witness to the experience via live stream as Tomorrowland will exceed musical expectations and unite the globe. The festival’s allure may be endless, but 99 reasons to be excited that Tomorrowland is tomorrow should hold you over until, well, tomorrow.


1. Boarding a Tomorrowland flight Global Journey.

2. Glow sticks becoming the new mixed nuts.

3. Dancing thousands of feet in the air… considering it the mile-high club.

4. Coming as close to Armin van Buuren’s future space travels as possible.

5. DreamVille’s world-of-its-own camp site.

6. 35,000 campers collectively activating their bracelets.

7. Figuring out how many dance music fans it takes to pitch a tent.

8. Trying to sneak into the DreamVille Mansion.

9. Celebrating “The Gathering” as a warm up for the weekend.

10. Adding a fourth day to your festival experience… for the price of three.

11. Meeting 180,000 people from over 214 different nationalities.

12. Deciding which foreign accent you liked best.

13. “The Arising of Life” being the new “Book of Wisdom.”


14. That theme translating to this year’s Main Stage production.

15. Posting the unbelievable sights on your social media, and;

16. Not being concerned about your international data rate.

17. Draining your phone battery by the afternoon.

18. Bassjackers back-to-back  set with Apster.

19. Bobby Burns back-to-back  set with Leroy Styles.

20. Finding out if LMFAO’s Redfoo can impress on the decks.

21. Watching Afrojack treat Grey Goose like Listerine.

22. Closing out the Jacked madness into the night with Quintino.

23. Catching two hours of Carl Cox.

24. First catching nine hours of his friends.

25. Coming to grips with the overwhelming fact that all festival-goers purchased tickets in the first 8 minutes of them being on sale.

26. Bringing back memories of the first time you watched this:

27. Catching Tiësto, Quintino, and Alvaro each separately.

28. Referring to that as the Dutch House Mafia experience.

29. Having your mind blown at the Q-dance stage.

30. Getting goosebumps when you remember that Q-dance is coming to the US.

31. Finding out why Headhunterz is one of the popular DJs overseas.

32. Remembering that moment as you search through Headhunterz’s Beatport page.

33. Looking for the film crew in hopes of a live stream cameo.

34. Going on to beg the filmographer for an after movie cameo.

35. Fresh Italian electro-house from Crookers.

36. A taste of Paris from Gregori Klosman.

37. Showtek’s anthem arsenal being unloaded.

38. Hoping both Ws of W&W show up (Get well soon Willem).

39. Seeing Sebastian Ingrosso, Axwell, and Steve Angello separately.

40. Coming as close as it gets to seeing the now inexistent Swedish House Mafia.

41. Falling in love with the Nervo twins all over again.


42. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, and Chuckie’s Smash The House vs Dirty Dutch concoction of a stage.

43. Waiting for a custom introduction version of “Rockin N’ Rollin” from Fedde Le Grand.

44. Exchanging Euros for Tomorrowland tokens.

45. Spending too many Tomorrowland tokens on Boozebags.

46. Not having enough tokens left for a shower.

47. Wining and dining with a Main Stage view.

48. Delicacies from Michelin star chefs.

49. “Cocktails of the world.”

50. Posing for a photo with a magnum bottle of champagne overlooking the festival.

51. Becoming mind-blown by the size of the crowd and wondering what it looked like in 2005.

52. Pretending to wake yourself up from a dream after every stage visit.

53. Free fairground rides circa Disneyland.

54. The Church of Love.

55. Relaxing and listening to music lakeside to give your legs a break.

56. Renting a paddle boat to feel bass from the water.

57. Consecutive sets from Botnek, Dzeko & Torres, Jidax, South Central, and Deorro.

58. Debating which up-and-comer was the most impressive at the Dim Mak stage.

59. Giving Steve Aoki enough credit for talent incubation to let him smash a cake in your face.

60. Messaging photos to friends watching the live stream at home, and;

61. Not being concerned about your international messaging rate.

62. Listening for “The Way We See The World” to experience Tomorrowland circa 2011.

63. Hoping Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike surprise with special guests for it.

64. Putting together a wardrobe of Tomorrowland merchandise without care of your currency exchange rate.

65. One stage dedicated to one man — Markus Schulz.

66. Entering his twisted Rabbit Hole.

67. The rest of his twelve-hour set.

68. Competing with friends about who can stay at Markus’s marathon set the longest.


69. Draining your first mobile cell phone charger by the evening.

70. Outrageous music at the Super You & Me stage.

71. Even more outrageous costumes at the Super You & Me stage.

72. A back-to-back-to-back set from Superman, Ironman, & Batman.

73. Spending your afternoon wondering who Ironman is.

74. Devouring a Belgian Waffle.

75. Devouring a second Belgian Waffle after forgetting to add Nutella to the first.

76. Still refusing to leave the DreamVille bakery.

77. Armin van Buuren’s jesus pose.

78. Being reminded that he was the first artist to headline Tomorrowland in 2005.

79. Watching consecutive sets from Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano followed by Tommy Trash.

80. Hearing some of the biggest future anthems during that three-hour span.

81. Bringing a homemade light saber to the Star Warz stage.

82. Getting your hands on Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s Tomorrowland comic book.


83. Hearing them drop Tomorrowland anthem “Chattahoochee.”

84. Realizing that Chattahoochee Hills is the location for TomorrowWorld.

85. Indulging in tequila flavoured beer and soulful house at the Desperados Club.

86. Indulging in nostalgia at the I Love The 90s Stage.

87. Being able to say you’ve seen the greatest collaborative set after David Guetta, Afrojck, and Nicky Romero close the weekend back-to-back-to-back.

88. Draining your third mobile cell phone charger by the end of the night.

89. Fireworks leaving lasting impressions and ear ringing.

90. Becoming immersed in a world you previously thought only existed in your Disney VHS collection.

91. Finding out the “E” word is… “Experience.”

92. Making the same face when you get your cell phone bill as the one you made when you first arrived at the grounds.

93. Visiting your mobile carrier to negotiate prices only to end up bragging about your weekend.

94. Scouring SoundCloud for the live sets.

95. Scouring Tomorrowland’s YouTube channel to further relive the weekend.

96. Scouring the internet to find a photo that was taken of you and the dancer you had a crush on.

97. Vowing to return in 2014.

98. Booking a trip to TomorrowWorld to avoid a twelve-month wait.

99. Never forgetting the one weekend you became part of history in Belgium.

Photo Credit: Rudgr

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