Afrojack comes back with ‘GotDrop (Hypebeat),’ the ‘drama’ continues?Afrojack Deadmau5

Afrojack comes back with ‘GotDrop (Hypebeat),’ the ‘drama’ continues?

Apparently in the world of Twitter warfare, nothing says ‘right back atcha’ like cleverly titled tracks on Soundcloud. As the Afrojack and Deadmau5 beef continues to heat up (what they are heating up? we aren’t quite sure exactly), Afrojack responds to deadmau5’s “Drop Da Bomb” with his very own sonic response. Not nearly as intentionally awful as “Something_,” the aptly titled “GotDrop (Hypebeat)” is another studio speedrun. Is the drama real? Who knows, but one thing is for certain, they did it, they got our attention — now let’s hear some completed productions.

Editor’s Note: The embed is currently disabled. Listen to “GotDrop (Hypebeat)” here.

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