After falling ill, Nicky Romero reassures fans that his recovery will be fast and no further shows will be canceled1017646 597913723586699 929642212 N

After falling ill, Nicky Romero reassures fans that his recovery will be fast and no further shows will be canceled

When news of Nicky Romero’s illness and show cancellations were announced, many fans expressed concerns regarding the producer’s well being. No less than a month ago we had seen Nicky perform at EDC Las Vegas, a set that would outwardly appear as if he was a picture of health. Not slowed by the illness, Nicky jumped and thrashed behind the decks as he always does, but what his thousands of fans couldn’t see was how sick the DJ had recently become. In the 3 months that led up to his final diagnosis, Nicky was noticeably and outwardly ill to those in his entourage, but with doctor’s unable to diagnose the issue, a rigorous touring schedule and countless sleepless nights, Nicky’s health continued to decline.

One of the hardest working producers in dance music today, Nicky has continuously put his own health on the back burner in favor of bringing fans the experience they expect. It’s this unfaltering dedication to his craft and his fans that makes Nicky one of EDM’s most coveted talents. While his recent bout with illness exposes the less glamorous side of the DJ lifestyle, it also exposes his incredible strength as a performer and producer — even with his health on the line, Nicky’s primary concern remains with his fans and his music.

In support of Nicky on his path to recovery, we sat down with the young producer to talk about finally being diagnosed with mono and the 3 months he spent without treating the debilitating illness.

When did you start feeling under the weather and when were you diagnosed with mono?

To be honest about three months ago. I was feeling tired all the time no matter how long I would sleep or rest for. I thought it was because of touring and maybe a tad of over exhaustion. My focus is very serious and I maintain a lot of discipline when it comes to working out, eating healthy and even getting enough sleep.

Has traveling and touring taken a toll on your health?

In a way it always does, I dont think it is healthy for anyone to sit in a plane more than 4 times a week on average. The circulated air, dehydration and everything is all a big problem that slowly eats away at you. Don’t get me wrong, I fully realize this is a luxury problem and I don’t want to make a habit about bitching about this, or my health at all. It has never been an issue, it just comes with the territory. I just felt I wanted to explain to all my fans what was up. Rather than hearing it from a third party I wanted to make a personal and open statement to show my sentiments are genuine and I truly feel shitty about cancelling the gigs I had lined up for the last two weeks of May.

Which shows that you missed were you looking forward to most?

At the risk of sounding overly diplomatic, I have to say all of them! Music is my passion in life, whether it be producing or DJing, I love it and absolutely hate to cancel any show. Loads of people have their opinion very ready when you cancel a show and it trickles down to you in a very fast way due to Facebook and Twitter and all other social media. These people are in their full right but that does not mean that they are always correct. Over the years when being asked what is the key to your success, a question I get almost every interview is a good example of how I view life and my work.  The answer to that has always been work harder than anyone else or at least try to and give it your all. Now that my health became an issue I experienced what it was like to not always be able to work and that sucks, my character does not allow for that. I am one of those people that can’t sit still and that is always looking for perfection and the best out of life in all areas. So yeah I am bummed I had to pull the shows we pulled – it’s never something an artist wants to do.

What do you want fans of those cities to know?

I want them to know that I understand it is never fun to receive a message at short notice, that a show you have been looking forward to gets cancelled. Knowing that people save up, work hard and most of all look forward to a gig with me is the biggest present someone can give me! I truly was and am concerned about this, I love my fans and that is because of the attention and support I receive across the board. The fact that I had to let my fans down and the promoters who choose to book me — people who I owe a lot to as well — eats away at me. All I can say is that the past three months have been hard for me. I did not know what was going on with my health and that drove me crazy.

How well are you recovering and when do you expect to be back in full form?

Very well. I still am not at 100% but I have the upmost confidence I am getting there and fast. People have to understand this has been an ongoing process for me for the last 3 months. After finally finding out what was wrong, I immediately went to see the best specialists I could find and put together a team that looks after my nutrition, health and physical fitness. I already had a personal trainer and made sure I ate very healthy always, but now we have full attention from all disciplines out there to ensure my recovery. My diet has changed dramatically and the amount of supplements and vitamins I have been prescribed on top of my normal regiment is astounding. I am gearing up for summer and the tour that is oncoming. I wanted to reiterate that all the gigs I have in my diary have been confirmed and all advertised shows will happen. I still have to deal with the effects of mono, but I have brought some more people on board in my organization to lighten the load. My team has been fabulous and is supporting me all the way. I have invested heavily in private flights to be able to make all my gigs in one piece and well rested. I always try to maintain a standard, do the best preparation I can and this won’t be affected by my condition. I am taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, but I promise I will be back and I will fulfil all obligations that we made to the best of my ability. I am confident that now I know what is wrong, the road to a full recovery has been taken and I am looking forward to the oncoming performances!