Borgore ft. Duda Tassa – Wayak (Original Mix) [Preview]Ultra2 Teasers 3

Borgore ft. Duda Tassa – Wayak (Original Mix) [Preview]

Borgore has proved once again that he knows how to get people talking. For his latest track, the Israeli dubstepper went in a new direction, looking to the Middle East and clarifying “#bellyforborgore” in the process. With the help of Duda Tassa, the Buygore label head covered celebrated Arab musician Farid al-Atrash’s “Wayak,” propelling SoundCloud into a culturally confused tizzy. The reworked tune features Tassa’s vocals and Borgore’s production, a combination that sends the traditional love song spiraling down into dub territory. Though no release date has been announced, the tune proves no sound is immune from a dub rework.

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