Premiere: Brass Knuckles feat. Kay – More Than One (Original Mix)Brass Knuckles

Premiere: Brass Knuckles feat. Kay – More Than One (Original Mix)

On the eve of the release of their latest EP on Ultra Records, Brass Knuckles serves up their third single “More Than One” alongside the vocal stylings of Kay. Maintaining the same pop-friendly formula of the EP’s debut single, “As Long As I’m Alive,” the trio continue to walk a fine line between radio friendly appeal and heart pumping electro house. Sandblasted synthwork and Kay’s seductive top line work in tandem to deliver a track that is as equally at home in a pair of headphones as it is through a tower of Marshall stacks and establishes a sound foundation for the future of the Miami-based trio.

Brass Knuckles will be performing July 27th at Prive in Atlanta, GA and August 2nd at Mixx in Atlantic City, NJ.