Chuckie & Promise Land feat. Amanda Wilson – Breaking Up (Dzeko & Torres Remix) [Free Download]

As Dzeko & Torres gear up for their Dim Mak-hosted Tomorrowland appearance, they’ve got a little pre-festival surprise for fans. After releasing their own “Down To This” collab with Chuckie earlier this year, the pair has put their own spin on the Dirty Dutch DJ’s 2012 “Breaking Up” collab with Promise Land. Giving the track their signature dancefloor shine, the duo kept Amanda Wilson’s unapologetic scales but stripped the piano and built a new melody over the electro influences. The straight progressive makeover breathed a whole new energy into the tune, increasing its shelf-life in a scene with a notoriously short attention span. For a scene also notorious for googling “free download,” the pair saved you the trouble by releasing the tune for free. Grab your download here.

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