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DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Indie Dance Edition

This week’s edition of Sunday Morning Medicine is a celebration of indie dance music. While there aren’t any strict definitions as to what falls under the blanket category, it is generally recognized as the intersection between indie-alternative rock and electronica. Many of these selections may be considered more purely electronic, but hey, we’re an electronic music blog.

In the odd chance that Lemâitre’s “Cut to Black” eluded your music radar, your morning’s about to get a lot more spritely. This is one spring time anthem worth revisiting.

AMTRAC has been a long SMM favorite. His recent remix of Two Door Cinema’s “Those Days” is tastefully absorbing.

Click past the break to hear the rest of this week’s tracks, with remixes of Mayer Hawthorne, Empire of the Sun, and Olympic Ayres.

We’re still spinning from Oliver’s incredible Mechanical EP. The duo just dropped a soulful, 90 BPM remix of Los Angeles local Mayer Hawthorne’s “Her Favorite Song.”

Nico Pusch offers a compelling reinterpretation of Empire of the Sun’s “We Are the People,” complete with open guitar chords and a comfortable, 122 house beat.

Luke Million’s forthcoming remix of Australian group Olympic Ayres’ “Magic” is filled with bright synths and smooth arpeggiating melodies.

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