Datsik premieres video for ‘Too Late to Say No,’ talks new EP with Rolling Stone

Datsik’s love of hip-hop and rap is well-documented in his releases. From frequently collaborating with Messinian and Snak the Rippper, to churning out trap VIPs of his own work, Datsik’s productions have always incorporated hip-hop influence in some form or another. As part of his Cold Blooded EP back in January, Datsik released “Too Late to Say No,” featuring original rapping from Beetles himself. The track was met with an ambivalent response, with fans both supporting and criticizing his lyrical experimentation.

Now Datsik has premiered the video for “Too Late to Say No,” reflecting on the process with Rolling Stone: “That was definitely a different experience for me, but I also learned quite a bit on how to make my voice sound good and not make it sound so much like me.”

Datsik went on to talk to Rolling Stone about his newest project, a massive EP that mixes older Datsik signatures with newer main stage tropes: “This next EP I’m writing right now is gonna be closer to a LP. It’s like seven or eight tracks,” he says. “For all of my fans who are really into my older stuff, half the EP is really dark and ominous and then the other half is super euphoric and party vibe. So it’ll be a cool blend of the two.”

Via: Rolling Stone

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