Deadmau5 continues production bender with five track spreeDeadmau5 Philadelphia 091

Deadmau5 continues production bender with five track spree

While you were sleeping, a mau5 lay awake, making as much noise as possible. In roughly 20 hours, Deadmau5 posted five new sounds to SoundCloud, ranging in style from “whateverstep” to “anystep” to “nowhere step.” This creative binge brings Joel’s total to nine posts in nine days, no small feat for a producer whose latest album came out ten months ago and featured just 13 tracks plus mixes. The posts give a look into the icon’s creative process, as along with “Entschuldigen Sie” and “Going Nowhere Fast,” mau5 released three versions of the same tune, building “Anywhere Up Here” into “Anywhere Down There” before declaring “Somewhere Up Here” to be the final version.

Click below the break to hear the new mau5, and stay tuned for what is sure to be more from the mind of Joel Zimmerman.